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Vape Flavors, Which One To Go For?

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Well you have recently bought yourself a vape device and you have all the accessories with but one thing is missing the flavor. There are so many flavors that a consumer can get confused. Finding that best vape juice Australia can be a daunting task.

For someone who is a beginner and determined on reducing or quitting smoking many will first try the flavor of tobacco with high concentration of nicotine so that it will resemble to real cigarette.

A person who has just quit will need a tobacco or something similar to get that throat hit which will give it the sensation of real cigarette. For a beginner there are few things to consider:

  • Start out with a starter kit which is a cheap purchase and will help in getting used to.
  • Use high nicotine strength flavor as in for nicotine salt between 20mg-30mg. For freebase nicotine 12mg-18mg.
  • Use tobacco flavor for starters to have that cigarette feeling.

Once you have gone through the phase of being a beginner and becoming more experienced, you now will have the opportunity to try out many new flavors and still you can opt to use that starter kit or you can go with a medium mod setup which means you can hang with the big boys now. Of course getting rid of that smoking habit will take its time so get yourself a mod which has mouth-to-lung system or MTL.

Now if you have heard of MTL devices or tanks, then it is crucial to understand that a MTL device will give you that pleasure or similar feeling of smoking a cigarette, as with a cigarette you get that tight draw when you inhale it, same concept with a MTL device. Of course it will take some time to get used to it but once you know what to do and how to do it then only you can see yourself improving.

The thing with flavor is it all depends upon the consumer’s taste buds and mind set. For example you are in a shop searching for a flavor and you find this sweet flavor that you think in your mind will be very sweet or something similar to it but in reality after vaping it on trial basis you understand that it does not meets your required taste.

When you go and buy yourself a flavor you have to be absolutely sure about it because you will using it for a whole or two depending upon your vape device and your inhaling method. 

So if you still feel like that you are not satisfied and need more information regarding what flavor should you go for and looking for that best vape juice well just head on to and get yourself some amazing flavors. Check this website to find out more details.