The Dog Is A Loyal Friend

Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures on the earth they can be your friends and enemy at the same time but if you treat them with love and care they will be yours. It not only about each animal can sense the love and if you treat them with love they will not harm you. Most of the people in our society have pets either cat or dog because these two animals are adorable and they can sense the love of a human. Dogs are the most loyal to the owner and they will stay loyal forever because it comes in their natural behaviour.

There are few animals who can sense like smell or the person whom they are attached with and dog is one the animals who can sense the smell very well because if they aren’t able to sense smell they are not able to survive especially those dogs who are in jungle or street dogs because of this sense they are able to find their food. You have seen heavy bulldogs with the cops because they train them so they can find out the illegal stuff through smelling the place.

There is a connection between the humans and dogs because there are times when no one can understand any human but dogs can understand even they show their empathy towards a human and they can understand the body language of the human. For example, you are a happy person with all the love and kindness and energetic person too but one day you got broke up with the other person and you become sad and heavy heart and you have one dog to who is your best friends now he will understand that something happens to you and he will try to console you and try to cheer you up that’s how dogs show their loyalty towards the person who owns them.

No matter for how many days you leave your dog at your house or somewhere who can take care of your dog but as soon as you come back and greet your dog from the door they greet you even warmer than you can there are more chances that your dog can smell you from far and run towards the door before you open the door because dogs have a great memory.

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